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The Purest Skincare on Earth

Bright Earth Skincare and Remedies is 100% Natural Native Bodycare

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Kawakawa leaves

Choosing quality organic and natural skincare made from Nature’s own ingredients – from the Forest to you

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Bright Earth Skincare sources all Natural ingredients from fair-trade, organic and indigenous suppliers, giving back to our Planet in positive ways

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Bright Earth practices integrity and care to ensure quality ingredients from Source straight to you, in its purest form – using absolutely NO chemicals.

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Unique formulations & Natural Preserving systems make Bright Earth Skincare heads above the rest as luxurious, exquisite and effective natural Bodycare in the World.

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Skincare For The Whole Family

Because Bright Earth Skincare is Natural, Potent yet Gentle – it effectively benefits the Whole Family, no matter what age.

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Echzema & Dermatitis Crème

A wonderful healing cream to bring great relief to a wide range of skin disorders. The properties in this crème provide healing benefits, to dry, cracked weepy, itchy, infected or spreading skin conditions.

Joint & Muscle Rub

Specific for aching muscles and joints, this balm is transported to the deeper layers through a unique combination of oils and plant medicines.

Bush Balm

A First Aid Kit in a jar. This could be your only first aid jar, and you will be well equipped for many scenarios. It is antibiotic, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-reactive. Apply to grazes, sores, mosquito bites, plant reactions, boils and pimples, infected areas etc.

More Products

Coconut Miracle will be added in the future. However the first 3 are our best sellers so please take a look at them. If you would like to be informed when anything becomes available, please contact us.

Bright Earth Skincare & Remedies

The purest skincare on Earth

Bright Earth Skincare and Remedies is 100% Natural Native Bodycare and takes the form of balms, serums and crèmes. They are made with New Zealand powerful phytomedicines found in NZ […]


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