Echzema & Dermatitis Crème

This is a wonderful healing cream to bring great relief to a wide range of skin disorders. The properties in this crème provide healing benefits, to dry, cracked weepy, itchy, infected or spreading skin conditions. It does not sting when applied – a slight tingling may be felt, which are the active ingredients getting to work to heal the symptoms. Unlike hydrocortisone creams, Echzema & Dermatitis Crème heals the condition, rather than pushing it back into the body (as steroid creams do), only to manifest as something a little more dangerous like asthma.

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Joint & Muscle Rub

Specific for aching muscles and joints, this balm is transported to the deeper layers through a unique combination of oils and plant medicines. Use wherever there is aching and stiffness eg. Osteoarthritis, muscular aches due to exercise, rheumatoid arthritis, old sports injuries, new injuries, long standing back pain, stiff neck, restless leg syndrome (although this is usually due to a magnesium deficiency) etc.

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Bush Balm

A First Aid Kit in a jar. This could be your only first aid jar, and you will be well equipped for many scenarios. It is antibiotic, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-reactive. Apply to grazes, sores, mosquito bites, plant reactions, boils and pimples, infected areas etc.

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