Echzema & Dermatitis Crème

This is a wonderful healing cream to bring great relief to a wide range of skin disorders. The properties in this crème provide healing benefits, to dry, cracked weepy, itchy, infected or spreading skin conditions. It does not sting when applied – a slight tingling may be felt, which are the active ingredients getting to work to heal the symptoms. Unlike hydrocortisone creams, Echzema & Dermatitis Crème heals the condition, rather than pushing it back into the body (as steroid creams do), only to manifest as something a little more dangerous like asthma.

Skin conditions are a way of the body trying to get rid of toxins, or reacting to a specific intolerance – whether it’s a food, chemical or environmental intolerance. Although it is important to clear up the echzema / dermatitis / psoriasis, it is also important to listen to your body, and go to your local Naturopath to ascertain what the trigger is. A lot of skin disorders come down to using aluminum cooking pots and utensils, or gluten intolerance, wheat dairy or dust mite allergens, among other things.

The unique blend of plant medicines in this formula, nourishes and feeds the skin, to bring about rejuvenated, new skin underneath, looking and feeling great … skin food is the new, safe and effective generation of healing.

Active ingredients include: Chamomile, Albizzia lebek, Aloe Vera, Calendula, Myrrh, Licorice, Evening Primrose Oil, Kawakawa, Tarata, Apricot Kernel Oil, Active Manuka Honey and lots more.

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Echzema & Dermatitis Crème
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