Joint & Muscle Rub

Specific for aching muscles and joints, this balm is transported to the deeper layers through a unique combination of oils and plant medicines. Use wherever there is aching and stiffness eg. Osteoarthritis, muscular aches due to exercise, rheumatoid arthritis, old sports injuries, new injuries, long standing back pain, stiff neck, restless leg syndrome (although this is usually due to a magnesium deficiency) etc. This unique combination of NZ Bush Medicine also doubles as a chest rub for coughs and colds. Suitable for babies as well – safe and effective, as it takes the medicine straight to the source of the problem through the skin, and it is also inhaled. Active Ingredients include: Wintergreen Oil, Rosemary, Peppermint Oil, Juniper berry, Kawakawa, Kumerhou, Rhus Tox, Arnica, Cajuput Oil, Dementholised Mint, and Eucalyptus, Active Manuka Honey etc.

“I had to go for knee surgery – a knee replacement. I started using your Joint and Muscle Rub twice daily, now just once weekly.

The results have been phenomenal, now I don’t need surgery. My doctor is gob-smacked and wanted your details” C.S Northland NZ “

If I don’t put some of the ‘pot of magic’ (joint and muscle rub) on at night, my fingers are too stiff to even hold a cup. Thanks to your rub, I can now do wood carving again and have my quality of life restored.

It seems to have long term affects too, even if I miss it for a few days, it lasts brilliantly. My hands are as good now as they were 15 years ago. Endless thanks”

J.Y Mangawhai  

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Joint & Muscle Rub
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