The purest skincare on Earth

Bright Earth Skincare and Remedies is 100% Natural Native Bodycare and takes the form of balms, serums and crèmes. They are made with New Zealand powerful phytomedicines found in NZ Native Bush Medicine – which have been used successfully for hundreds of years. They are combined with lovely organic nut and seed oils, New Zealand clays, NZ Active Manuka Honey, organic and wild harvested plants for essential oils and phytomedicines all blended into Jules’ homemade totally naturally plant derived cream bases to deliver wonderful potent remedies just where the body needs it.

The demand for luxurious natural and organic body care products is increasing steadily, as people are becoming more aware that our skin is a living, breathing, absorbing organ. The skin draws into the body whatever is applied to it, so naturally we want to nourish and feed our skin and body with wholesome, organic and 100% natural plant based ‘Skin Food’. It is a well known fact that if you apply garlic to your inner arm, within one hour one can smell it on the breath. In this day and age we are conscious of what we eat, and the same goes for what the skin consumes, as both end up in the liver to deliver the components where they are needed.

Bright Earth ingredients are harvested with respect and care, working with the local Maori people, respecting the Earth and all of her gifts. They are handmade with love and care, and this is reflected in the quality of the products. It is a way of life, teaching the younger generation of NZ about ‘Rongoa’ or Maori Medicine, in the hope that this wonderful tradition is once again strengthened and lived in fullness.

Now is the time to take NZ’s powerful properties from the Forest, to the world, in luxurious products. This will allow us to build in the knowledge that we must protect and regenerate our Forests, not only for their beauty and life giving oxygen, but for their essence, spirit, medicine, food and Mana. Future generations will learn, as a matter of course, how important Nature is to our livelihood, and how to enter back into relationship with the land … the way it always was.

These Bright Earth remedies have built up a global following due to their immediate relief and ongoing healing powers. Due to word of mouth these remedies have reached thousands to alleviate and totally heal echzema, dermatitis and psoriasis, reverse arthritic conditions, prevent pending knee and shoulder surgery in some cases, heal scarring and hasten healing within days. These sound like huge claims and they are backed by hundreds of testimonials – we have a largely untapped resource here for healing, and Jules, with the blessing of her Maori mentor, is safely bringing these wonderful qualities to the World. Many people swear by Bright Earth remedies and have helped spread the word calling it “Meaning of Life in a bottle”, “Pot of Magic”, “Life saving” and “Nature’s secret”… It gives livelihoods back in that by reversing rigid arthritis in the hands – people can wood lathe again, sew, garden, peel potatoes, pick up a cup of tea again! Things most of us take for granted. Others are cured of debilitating echzema – giving back their confidence, sanity and sleep! Not to mention the cosmetic qualities of these remedies regarding antiwrinkle properties, scar healing and pregnancy belly care.

By using NZ made, and utilizing Aoteoroa’s wonderful resources, we are creating local employment and increasing awareness on how important our bush is for our quality of life.

These products are GE Free, organic where possible or wild crafted, contain no mineral oils, 100% Natural, not tested on animals, use recyclable and refundable packaging, are paraben and synthetic free, and most of the remedies are based on NZ Active Manuka Honey which is a powerful medicine in itself. Jules uses her own patented natural preservative system allowing these remedies to remain 100% natural. They are all safe for babies, children, pregnant and lactating women.

Jules has been a registered Nurse for 20 years, and has spent 10 of those years traveling around the world participating, and observing, in using local medicine as our primary health care. These had been utilized successfully for thousands of years in some countries, without change! This prompted her to come home and do her diplomas in Naturopathy and become a Medical Herbalist, and Body Therapist specializing in the Traditional Chinese Reflexology, Acupressure and Shiatsu. As a Reiki Master she potentises and energises every single remedy and it’s ingredients, bringing potent fast relief

Jules feels privileged to come from NZ, where we have an abundance of strong, clean and mostly organic bush medicine. She teaches Rongoa – Native NZ Bush Medicine at various different Maraes, Workshops and Projects to help people awaken to the amazing potential of what we have growing all around us.

Jules’ passion is blending the magic of the Universe with the beauty of Nature – Alchemy – in order to place these plants into a usable form.

Your body will thank you for it!


– Natural Skin Food is the way of the Future –

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